Rhine Falls, Switzerland

December 19, 2012


Corey wrote this for her 11th grade AP English class. I thought it was pretty powerful insight from a child's perspective.

                  MIKE & COREY 1999
      When you’re a child, you’re invincible and on top of the world. The lines between childhood and maturity, reality, imagination, even good and bad, seem to blur. Then things get serious, for some sooner than others. I was lucky enough to be smart and loving by nature, but I was cursed with responsibility and forced maturity at the age of five. Unfamiliar rooms became all too familiar. Friend’s houses became like my own and the owners became my extended family. My one year old sister and my eight year old brother became my closest friends while my mom was a visitor and my dad became a stranger. Unfortunately, I understood, just not enough. Even the flu was a terrifying ordeal in my mind. The thought of sickness brought depression. Hiding my sadness and my tears, I was brave. I held my head high as an example to my siblings. My fears only known by my pillow; my life became a game of hiding. Hiding emotions; hiding from people; hiding from my problems; it never ended. Imagination died that day. I buried it the day cancer buried my Dad.

June 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Point ~ The Museum of Ancient Life

May 15, 2009

My posts are going to be a little out of order but I'm going to post the easy things first! I promise there will be Hawaii photos to follow!!

I took Erika on a few field trips during her 3 weeks off track in May. We hadn't ever been to The Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point so that is one of the places we went. We also watched an IMAX film, "African Adventure."

April 27, 2009

Sunrise on the Wasatch

I know I have posted sunrise pictures before but these were really cool.

March 25, 2009

Doggie Daycare

I doubt anyone is even checking my blog now because I have been such a slacker. Anyway, this post is just really silly but the pictures are so funny, I had to share. The pictures are taken with my cell phone so again, not the best!

We are getting ready to go on a quick trip and I have been worrying about what to do with the dogs. I didn't want to ask anyone to watch 2 good sized dogs. So, I have been doing a lot of reading and researching online to find a place for them to go. I had decided on calling one of the places, then a guy at my work was looking at a doggie cam online. It just so happens that was the one that I was going to check out. There are many places that won't even consider taking a pitbull mix.

So, there is a 4 page application to fill out, shot records, county tags, everything you could imagine, including an emergency "mom"! Then, they were to come in for a 15 minute "interview", if they passed that they were required to stay at least 6 hours. After they passed that they would let me know if they would be willing to keep them for boarding. Quite a process but I was actually very impressed and not really concerned about leaving the dogs there.

It took them 10 minutes and they were playing with all their new friends. They didn't have any problems and the owners said they were wonderful! (Which I already knew) It took Rico less than 2 minutes to fall asleep when he got into the car.

Notice the lip on the door but the smile on his face! Yes, he smiles when he's happy!

He was fine sleeping like he was but Erika had to wake him up. It took her a while, he was completely worn out.

Trying to get comfortable again.

His foot stuck in the seatbelt and he didn't even care!

January 09, 2009


This is just too cute not to share. This is what I found last night when I went to bed. The dog was also asleep until I got the camera out. This is usually the scene I see every night when I go to bed.

I don't know how this happened. I have NEVER had a dog sleep on the bed and especially NOT under the covers! She thinks that's where she belongs though. Usually right on top of my legs. I am glad she doesn't really shed.
The cat is angry at all of us because the dog took over his spot.

How has this happened? I'm sharing my nice big bed with an 8 year old and now a dog! Will Erika ever sleep in her own bed? She promises it will be before she's 20!! That's good to know. :-)

January 07, 2009

Dinner with the Christensen's

Yes I know these posts are all out of order but that is just how it is!

In October, I found my old friend Kristin (Kimberlin) Christensen on facebook (another reason you should get on there if you aren't!!). I haven't seen her for way too long! They live just south of us about 50 miles. She invited us to her house for dinner and we had a great time. She's got a great family!

Erika on the porch. Such a cute house!

A lake on the adjoining property, they swim in it during the summer.

Corey and Barbie

Barbie not so happy!

Kimber, Mark, Erika, Kristin, Corey, Paula, Justine, and Colton

Notice Erika holding hands with Mark, it's a problem! She does it to everyone. I think she just misses having her Dad around.

January 06, 2009

Thanksgiving 2008

Once again we packed up and drove to Winslow for Thanksgiving.
The kids were worried about missing more school so we didn't leave until after 2pm. That was a mistake! We had barely crossed over the mountains when the snow started to fall and it was already dark. What a long drive - we had snow, rain, fog, deer, coyotes and racoons! CRAZY!!

I failed to take very many pictures, I'm disappointed about that. Diane, Carl, Stacey, Ryan and Caden came on Friday. I had lunch with Virginia and Yolanda on Friday. Judy and Steven also came from Phoenix on Saturday. We had lots of company but it was great to see everyone. I miss my family and friends for sure.

Virginia, Paula and Yolanda - That was so great! I'm not even sure the last time we all got together.

Rest area - Dog stop! Colton's picture of the sun (technically the rail-always dreaming of snowboarding). We brought a puppy back to Jesse and Amber in Provo. That's 3 dogs and 3 kids in the car for 11+ hours! It was much longer on the way home.


Denise and Grandma Jerry

Daniel, Cindy and Dad

We stayed with Dona and Gerry this year. I think we wore them out with all of our company!

Erika, Lyndsay and Corey

Mike and Cindy

Lyndsay and Colton

As many grandkids as we could find at the moment!

Cindy, Daniel, Mom and Paula - Missing my oldest brother David

Diane and Bean, the hosts of Thanksgiving dinner every year!

The Moon

Colton set up the tripod to get a picture of the moon on Dec 12, 2008.
The moon was about 30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger than other full moons, the last time this occured was in 1993.

Izzy at school

Erika has been begging me for years to take the dog or cat to school. Rico is just too much for me to handle with that many people around. He's 4 now but still too big and strong for me to control in a crowd.

Since we got Izzy, Erika was determined to take her to school. She asked me every day to walk her to school so the kids could see her dog. I didn't really think a dog at school first thing in the morning was the best idea (for the teacher's sake). So on the last day of school before Christmas break, Corey and I took Izzy to 3rd grade. Erika even dressed her up for the occasion!

According to Colton - this is humiliating!

There were a few kids that weren't crazy about the idea, one was even standing on his chair.

Most of them were chasing the dog around the room, I'm sure Ms. Giles was glad that they only had 30 minutes left of class. It was a little wild!